Marketing for Change

Marketing for Change

Our bottom line is behavior change. We are a full-service creative firm anchored in social psychology and behavioral economics. Because we believe all real change requires behavior change.


Peter Mitchell, CEO
Christene Jennings, COO
Karen Ong, Creative Director
Sara Isaac, Director of Strategy & Planning

Marketing for Change is one of the nation’s leading behavior change agencies, the creator of breakthrough campaigns that have been featured in textbooks and peer-reviewed journals. Our firm was founded by a former journalist who helped develop the original “truth” anti-smoking campaign, which sparked Florida’s first drop in teen smoking in two decades and was replicated nationwide. We have regularly been recognized with national, state and regional advertising and public relations awards.

We specialize in developing interventions that change what people do, leveraging the power of social psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics. Our in-house team of marketing strategists, consumer researchers, filmmakers, designers, animators, writers and web developers use a unique methodology to uncover key behavioral influences, build a science-based change strategy, and then create an intervention focused on a behavioral bottom line.

Our unique value-add is to infuse behavioral strategies throughout the design, development and implementation of a wide range of interventions, from developing digital tools and products, optimizing user experiences through behavior-based user interface design, facilitating strategy and synthesis sessions to helping advocacy organizations acquire unexpected allies and support. We’re like a marketing consultancy, research firm, ad agency and product development firm all wrapped into one company of 30-some passionate professionals. We are here to make what’s good — whether it be a product, a cause or a healthy behavior — more fun, easy and popular.

Core Industries: Non-profit, federal government, public health, health care, environment