The Croft Society

A peer-to-peer professional group of small to midsize, privately-held PR, communications, public affairs, crisis communications, and marketing firms dedicated to sound business management principles, growth, and the development of future agency leaders.

Members meet twice a year in different cities across the US to discuss emerging trends in communications, the evolution of the industry, real and perceived market needs, new technologies, staff development, agency challenges, success stories, opportunities, and more. This is done in a highly confidential and collaborative fashion. Agency partners do not compete with one another and often collaborate to meet their clients’ goals and objectives.

In the spring of each year, agency owners and (optionally) their significant others/spouses meet for three days — sharing ideas and supporting one another professionally and personally. Each fall, agency owners and next generation leadership within their organizations gather to discuss challenges, opportunities, and best practices. Croft Society members are like family; they share issues openly and freely with one another and continuously encourage one another to learn and grow.