who we are

The Croft Society consists of vetted and invited PR/marketing communications firms from around the country. As one member succinctly put it, “It’s like family, but without the baggage.” Trust, openness, honesty, sharing, and creativity are our watchwords.

The group’s bonds are strong. Members openly discuss their challenges, successes, goals, and threats. Due to the deep, confidential nature of sharing between agency owners and management, members feel safe, supported, and understood. They push one another, offer mentoring and share best practices designed to improve profitability, fulfillment, and personal/professional growth.

Croft Society meetings, which are filled with candor and transparency, reveal action steps that help agency owners realize growth, improve quality of life, and enhance focus. There are no lectures, but lots of straight talk on agency management issues, with lots of feedback and sometimes “tough love.” It is a place where CEOs can open up in an empathetic and confidential setting.

Most owners return year after year, gaining strength and confidence from each other while developing trusted relationships and lasting friendships. Our agency members also collaborate on clients.

The Croft Society Mission

To support, empower, stretch, and educate PR and marcom firm owners — and their future agency leaders — helping members be more focused, productive, passionate, and profitable.