Webb Strategic Communications

Webb Strategic Communications

455 Sherman Street, Suite 250
Denver, CO 80203



Peter Webb, President
Ginny Williams, Principal

Thirty years in Denver, Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region has amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge at Webb Strategic Communications. Since its founding as a “media relations shop” staffed by journalists, Webb’s culture of immediacy and accessibility has been a foundation for today’s broader communications landscape. Newsroom skills permeate the work: succinct, on-point messaging, deadline-driven organization and multitasking, adaptability, and empathetic listening.

We communicate to influence opinion, issues, behaviors, brands and reputations. Our core competencies of media relations, social marketing and behavior change, digital, crisis, and Latino communications have created successful outcomes for organizations both public and private. We deliver value to our clients by serving as trusted counselors who simplify the complicated, tell great stories on our clients’ behalf, and advocate for their audiences.