Clermont Eliot

Clermont Eliot
2861 W. 21st Avenue
Denver, CO 80211

Andy Cohen
Taunia Hottman

Clermont Eliot provides solutions for organizations striving to create sustainable, innovative, equitable and inclusive communities. We make complex subjects and structures manageable, and focus on reputational management to build consensus and support among key audiences.

Public and behavioral health, education, transportation, development, housing and the infrastructure necessary to deliver essential services present complex challenges for all communities. Many may require solutions that can feel threatening to traditions, routines, perceptions and finances. Creating productive conversations that transition these concerns into support requires credibility. Clermont Eliot implements strategies that build trust and confidence through visibility, insight, transparency, listening, and engagement. We empower clients with communication practices that permeate internal culture, visioning, planning, customer experience, and product, service and program innovation.